Introducing The X2FTP

The X2 Support Group

X2 Support Group was founded in February 1995, in Oulu, Finland. It is a small non-profit association formed by a bunch of people who gathered together to support maintaining free PUBLIC archives of programming related material.

X2 operates within the University of Oulu, Department of Electrical Engineering, which also has kindly provided us with most of the equipment. Members of X2 are students specializing in one of the branches lectured in Dept. of EE, namely Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

All work is done on voluntary basis and carried out according to each one's resources available.


X2-archive is a collection of programming related material. Our main emphasis has been on the msdos game programming scene, but hopefully our scope will expand further beyond msdos in near future.

The main guideline of X2 Support Group is to promote development of high quality software and to gather and make available information related to the various phases of the software development and life. We wish to make our archives available for everybody as widely as possible, but we also have to make sure the archive is handled according to our high standards.

All material herein have been carefully selected to aid a programmer to create something new. We have preferred documents and source code over typical binary distributions to avoid becoming yet another PD/Shareware museum.


The main responsibility of X2 Support Group is maintaining the famous X2FTP server. The rules of X2 also specify encouraging and supporting the highest quality in programming. Our mission is to make available the INFORMATION behind things, rather than just the results.

X2 provides one of the leading FTP sites specialized in MS-DOS programming. Alternatively, the collection will be made available on CD-ROM every 6 to 12 months.

In addition, there are quite active areas for the Amiga, game consoles, as well a few other systems on the X2FTP collection.

Contact Info

All kind of donations and feedback are most welcome:

	X2 Support Group
	P.O.Box 16
	FIN-90571 Oulu

	  X2 Support Group
	  X2 FTP Admin

The X2 Ftpadmin Team

		The X2 Maintenance and Administration team

	Antero Metso		System Manager, 
				President of X2 Support Group

	Jouko Valta		FTP Administrator (cbm, msdos, unix)

	Jani Vaarala		FTP Administrator (amiga, console)

		    Rest of the Construction Crew
			 and Founding Members

	 Jouni Miettunen	  Marko Laakso		Mika Hakala


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