How does the ftp-by-email work

You send a regular mail to a ftpmail host (see below) and in the body of the message you put ftp'ish commands, eg: help or connect chdir /pub/msdos/programming/gpe dir binary uuencoded get quit And then the ftpmailer logs on to the ftp-site and performs the above commands and mails the result back to you.

What are the basic commands can I try

help				do this first and read the text
open [site[user[password]	connect to site
cd path				change directory
ls [path]			directory listing
dir [path]			directory listing
get file			get a file, can have path in name
size max[ K | M ]		size when file is split before sending,
				the max size is Kilobytes or Megabytes
mode binary			binary mode: archives, binary files
mode ascii			ascii mode: nothing but ascii text
quit				end of ftp-by-email message

What ftpmail hosts there are (Please use the nearest)

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