Compilation Copyright

							26 April 1995
							Oulu, Finland
							Version 1.1
The X2 Support Group archives, which are available at the ftp-site, are hereby placed under Compilation Copyright by the X2 Support Group. All commercial use of X2 Support Group archives, or inclusion with a commercial product, is prohibited without a specific permission from X2 Support Group. This permission is for one use only, unless otherwise agreed, and may not be forwarded, sold or given to third parties.

The Compilation Copyright of X2 Support Group archives covers all the indexes, log files, informational files and all the other files that we have written for the X2 Support Group archives. The copyright also covers the archive collection as whole, especially a|l the things that have added extra value to the collection of separate files. An example of this is the selection of directory names and grouping of files into certain directories.

The X2 Support Group Compilation Copyright does not cover individual files, except the above mentioned files written by X2 Support Group, nor does it cover individual directories, except those especially created for the X2 Support Group usage eg. x2info directories. The X2 Compilation Copyright especially does not prohibit in any way the copying or distribution of individual files found in X2 Support Group archives, even for commercial use.

There are books that have been put together from several separate texts. The authors of the texts have a copyright on what they have written, but also the editor of the book has a copyright on the work he has done ie. put together the book. He has added value to a group of separate items with his individual intellectual work. We consider ourselves as editors of X2 Support Group archives and we have a right to protect our intellectual work, the value that we have added to this collection.

After my discussions with Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation I have this to say: X2 Support Group archives are not placed under GNU General Public License. The X2 Support Group archives are placed under the compilation copyright of X2 Support Group.

The following three directories are not part of X2 Support Group archives and thus not covered by our Compilation Copyright:

For more info about Free Software Foundation and the GNU General Public License please contact

Our reason in placing the X2 Support Group archive under Compilation Copyright is to protect our rights, not to prevent the distribution of the material or even the X2 Support Group archives. We have placed a year hard work into the creation of X2 Support Group archives and we take both pride and responsibility of the result. We make restrictions on the use of the X2 Support Group archive in order to be able to keep our good name and maintain the high quality of the archive.

The main guideline of X2 Support Group is to promote development of high quality software and to gather and make available information related to the various phases of the software development and life. We wish to make our archives available for everybody as widely as possible, but we also have to make sure the archive is handled according to our high standards.

Our policy is that all sites wishing to mirror X2 Support Group archives and all parties wishing to make CD-ROM(s) from the X2 Support Group archives have the same possibility to do it. We give nor allow exclusive agreements. We give nor allow restrictive contracts.

We demand that all parties wishing to redistribute X2 Support Group archives contact us first to discuss about the details in advance and to receive our blessing for the act. All the X2 Support Group mirror archives have to be approved in advance and be accessible free of charge. All the commercial use of X2 Support Group archives is denied unless a license contract is made with the X2 Support Group. We wish not to make money with the archives, but we also wish not to deny making it available commercially. We have to approve the release and receive a part of the profit made with the X2 Support Group archive.

X2 Support Group archives are copyrighted (c) 1995 by X2 Support Group. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution without explicit permission prohibited.

Jouni Miettunen
President of X2 Support Group

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