Mirroring The X2 Archive

x2ftp archives have been collected with great care and dedication keeping our prime directive in mind all the time:
		Quality and Information
I hope you will understand that we wish to extend our high quality expectations also to our (potential) mirror sites. Therefore it is our wish and demand that all parties wishing to mirror x2ftp will have to first contact the maintainers of the archives for approval:
For a list of currently accepted mirror sites (do not mirror our mirrors but us), please read file

** Here are the general guidelines for setting up a mirror:

  1. CONTACT ftpadm@x2ftp.oulu.fi BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE.
    You should consider a suitable time for mirroring (other mirrors are listed in /pub/README.mirror_sites) and inform us about the pathnames you would like to start mirroring from us, time of mirroring, mirroring frequency and a contact e-mail address in case of possible problems. Your application will be judged according to this information.

  2. Create a special directory for us with "x2ftp" in the directory name eg. /pub/mirrors/x2ftp/

  3. Select the areas you wish to mirror from x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub directory. if you wish to mirror eg. /pub/msdos/programming, you'll have to mirror the x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/msdos/ directory as whole.

  4. Mirror all files, do not remove any files, do not add any files, do not change any files.

  5. Mirror all x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/README.* files into your x2ftp/ directory.

  6. If you can't mirror something, let us know. If you can't mirror eg. /pub/msdos/programming/crypt, create the directory anyway and add there a text file explaining the situation and that the missing files can be obtained from x2ftp.oulu.fi.

  7. Do not mirror incoming directories, do not try to mirror files from the incoming directories.

    ** Special notes about x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/msdos/programming

    You may not mirror just x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/msdos/programming, you have to mirror the full pub/msdos/ directory.

    x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/msdos/programming/books is a link into directory x2ftp.oulu.fi:/pub/books, so you might want to mirror also that. For that you need to create x2ftp/books/ directory in your mirror.

    You may not mirror /pub/books/ into /pub/msdos/programming/books, since there are only about 10 related book reviews out of over 800. You may leave the /pub/books/ away, but in that case you need to create a x2ftp/msdos/programming/books/ directory and add a text file describing the situation and where the missing files can be found.

    ** Time for daily mirroring

    As last we'll have to find a time for daily mirroring that will cause least trouble for us. This is Finland on the Eastern Europe Timezone (+2 GMT, +3 GMT summertime).

    Mirroring is NOT ALLOWED during local business hours. That means during the local business hours here.

    Thus spoke 16 July 1995 the x2ftp.oulu.fi ftp-site administrators.

    If you have our permission to mirror us, but your site is not in README.mirror_sites-file, please mail us.

    X2FTP Administrators,
    X2 Support Group

    Copyright 1995-6, The X2 Support Group.
    X2 Support Group FTP Admin (ftpadm@x2ftp.oulu.fi.NO.SPAM)