Uploading to /incoming/msdos

Read following instructions carefully before uploading!

1. binary files in non-valid archive type will be deleted!
2. source code should be supplied.
3. description text file for each upload is REQUIRED (.txt)
4. description text file _MUST_ contain at least the following fields. (The order in which these fields appear doesn't matter.):

Short: Insert short description of file. (longer than 56 chars are clipped)
Category: Insert directory where file should go (25 chars) (case sensitive!)
Author: Authors
Uploader: your@valid.email.address -- we may need to contact you!
Sourcecode: None/C/C++/asm/Pascal
Keywords: search keywords list
CDrom Permission: Permission for CD-ROM distribution. Expected value for the CDrom field is one of:

	written permission required
[ Note: Most fields are case-sensitive, while any whitespace always matches. ]

5. Optional fields -- use if needed

[see the LSM-template for details]

These keywords may be used if those listed above are not enough to specify certain features of your program.

Title: Product Name
Version: Version number
Replaces: list of old versions to be removed (full path is optional, defaults to 'Category:')
Formats: list of file formats supported
Platforms: DOS/Win3.xx/WinNT/etc, Compilers required, minimun resources

Note In addition to these keywords, you may use any of the Linux Software Map keywords where appropriate.

6. Spelling

Automatic SpellWrecker (TM) is incorporated to figure out some of the most popular ways to write certain words. Despite that, we suggest using the dictionary form whenever possible. (-:

Example: you want to upload file named myfile20.zip

Step 1. create description text file myfile20.txt for example:
Category: programming/source
Title: Joe's Ultimate Player
Short: mpeg player V 2.0 assembler sources (TASM 3.1)
Keywords: mpeg
Sourcecode: asm
Authors: Joe Hacker 
         Jim Wizard 
Uploader: joe@crash.domain.com
Replaces: programming/source/myfile10.zip programming/source/myfile10a.zip
CDrom Permission: yes

Here goes the longer, free-format description of the file.

Step 2. Upload files myfile.zip and myfile.txt in directory msdos/incoming. Use BINARY mode for any NON-ASCII files.

Step 3. Check the filesizes are correct ! Files cannot be overwritten or removed. You may try reuploading the file on another name (no 8.3 limitation) if the first attempt resulted in short file. It It advisable to upload the txt files last.

NOTE: Directory separator should be '/'. However, '\' will usually do the same.


To speed up the process, a small file scanner program is used to check that all incoming files dissolve properly, and prepare them according to these fields. The most important change is that files are now sorted by their category automatically. Eventually, you will even receive an automated notification if any errors are encountered with the file.

Another interesting feature is Keywords file and a Long Description Index provided for each file from now on. I hope it will serve users who are searching for certain information.

Thank you for your submission on the X2FTP. (-:


Author:  (or Authors:)
Uploader:  (or Maintained-by:)
CDrom Permission:

	X2 msdos administration
Note: Replace any commas and the 'no.spam' from the address.

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X2 Support Group FTP Admin (ftpadm@x2ftp.oulu,fi.NO.SPAM)