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[FILE]00index.html 21-Oct-102 07:31 0.0 bytes this file in html [FILE]00index.txt 17-Nov-96 19:23 1.2 kB *** Serial port programming specs, info and examples [FILE]asyam.zip 02-May-96 22:31 68.2 kB The most recent update of Scott Deming's Async Routines collection [FILE]fast550.doc 01-Oct-96 10:56 29.0 kB FAST SERIAL PORTS & 16550 UARTS by Michael Spalter [FILE]icu_8259 02-May-96 22:23 8.2 kB Features and use of the 8259 PC interrupt controller -Chris Hall [FILE]modems.zip 02-May-96 22:37 65.9 kB This is some material about modems from Mike Surikov [FILE]parallel.faq 02-May-96 22:37 40.3 kB Parallel port FAQ [FILE]prn_port 02-May-96 22:24 4.8 kB some short notes on the printer port by Chris [FILE]rtc 02-May-96 22:38 8.7 kB Some bits about programming the Real Time Clock of the AT and above [FILE]ser_port 02-May-96 22:26 128.0 kB Comprehensive document on the serial port of the PC [FILE]ser_port.nfo 02-May-96 22:26 1.6 kB index for The Serial Port files [FILE]ser_port.01 02-May-96 22:40 7.9 kB Source of the program from Stephen Warner (ASM) [FILE]ser_port.02 02-May-96 22:40 3.9 kB Assembly version of the procedure 'detect_IRQ' (MASM,TASM) [FILE]ser_port.03 02-May-96 22:40 2.5 kB Functions by Mike Surikov [FILE]ser_port.04 02-May-96 22:40 16.5 kB Better interrupt handling for high-speed by Frank Whaley [FILE]ser_port.05 02-May-96 22:41 18.3 kB An article on the 16550 and the TurboCom package [FILE]uart_lib.zip 02-May-96 22:41 27.2 kB v0.94 - A library for serial communications - by the Wizard [FILE]uartdet.c 02-May-96 22:41 490.0 bytes detect UART and their corresponding IRQs. [FILE]watrs232.zip 17-Nov-96 19:21 7.1 kB rs232 package for flatmode.16550.multiport [FILE]wcrs232b.zip 17-Nov-96 19:22 7.0 kB free rs232 for flatmode.v1.01.16550.multiport

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