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Note: This list was created on Wed Apr 16 22:22 EST 1997 Some files may have been added or deleted since that date. Contact dj@delorie.com (DJ Delorie) for additional information. [FILE]00allindex.html 18-Nov-100 21:51 122.2 kB Listing of all files on DJGPP/ [FILE]00allindex.txt 18-Nov-100 21:51 40.1 kB Listing of all files on DJGPP/ [FILE]00index.html 21-Oct-102 07:31 0.0 bytes This file in html [FILE]00index.txt 23-Aug-97 12:01 962.0 bytes This file [FILE]00README.TXT 19-Oct-96 20:20 924.0 bytes Talks about the directory structure here [FILE]FAQ 04-Oct-100 23:51 2.0 kB Short FAQ about what you need to download [FILE]FILES 11-Aug-100 22:12 23.6 kB List of all files in and under this directory [FILE]LISTINGS.zip 11-Aug-100 22:15 1.8 MB All text files, and listings of all zip files unzip386.exe Free unzip program for djgpp files (386 ver.) [DIR]v1/ 18-Nov-100 18:09 1.0 kB DJGPP Version 1.12 [DIR]v1apps/ 18-Nov-100 18:10 512.0 bytes Programs built for DJGPP V1 [DIR]v1gnu/ 18-Nov-100 18:22 1.5 kB GNU programs built with/for djgpp V1 [DIR]v1misc/ 18-Nov-100 18:23 512.0 bytes Other DJGPP V1 stuff [DIR]v1tk/ 18-Nov-100 21:22 1.0 kB Toolkits for DJGPP V1 (libraries & etc) [DIR]v2/ 18-Nov-100 18:37 1.0 kB DJGPP Version 2 [DIR]v2apps/ 18-Nov-100 05:01 1.5 kB Programs built for DJGPP V2 [DIR]v2gnu/ 18-Nov-100 21:03 6.5 kB GNU programs built with/for djgpp V [DIR]v2misc/ 18-Nov-100 20:34 1.0 kB Other DJGPP V2 stuff [DIR]v2tk/ 18-Nov-100 20:49 2.0 kB Toolkits for DJGPP V2 (libraries & etc)

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