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Enter word(s) you want to find in documents (pages, files) in LANET WWW or FTP server and press "Search" button.

What you can and what you cannot find with this searcher?

You can find all publicly accessible informatioon in SunSITE Latvia WWW or FTP servers (including names of documents) except:

Only file names are indexed for files with following suffixes:
  • In WWW server: .au .gif .mov .mpg .xbm
  • In FTP server: .a01 .ami .aqm .arc .arj .asm .au .bas .bat .bqs .c .cf .cpp .difb .difff .diffs .doc .dvi .exc .exe .ger .gif .gz .h .hlp .hqx .i .image .img .jpg .lha .log .lst .lzh .map .mod .mov .mpg .o .pak .pas .patch .pkgadd .png .prn .ps .rar .rew .rvw .s .sha .shar .snd .spk .tar .tex .texi .text .tgz .tlb .tos .uc2 .xbm .z .zip .zoo

    How to choose keywords and how to use more than one keyword

  • Word in WWW server means string of characters with only English and Latvian letters and digits and which begins and ends with letter, but in FTP server - every string of characters which consists of English and Latvian letters, digits and symbols "&", "#", ";".
  • This search is case-insentinsive.
  • You can use the booleans and, or, or not in searching. Without these booleans and will be assumed. Evaluation takes place from left to right only, although you can use parentheses to force the order of evaluation.
  • You can also use wildcards (asterisks) to search for matches to the beginnings of words only - you can't put asterisks at the front or in the middle of words.
    For example, liepaj* and (musik* or music*) will find documents containing both word begginning with liepaj and word beginning with musik or music.
  • Searching with keyword not doesnot work correctly

    How to find text in Latvian

  • Only those documents in Latvian what are in BalticRim coding are indexed. In process of indexing diacritical letters are converted to corresponding non-diacritical letters. For example, if you want to find word universitāte, you can type universitate.
  • The same words with different endings searcher considers as different words. So you may use wildcards (asterisks) in the place of endings. For example, universitat*.

    Which words are not indexed?

  • Words with length more than 30 symbols
  • Words with length 1 or 2 symbols in WWW server and words with length 1 symbol in FTP server
  • Words with more than 8 consecutive vowels, consonants or digits
  • Words that occur in over 70% of the documents in server
  • Very common words

    How frequently this information is updated?

    WWW server is re-indexed every morning at 4:02 and FTP server - at 5:15 by Latvian time (EET).

    Special notes for searching of FTP files

    Note that no one of symbols \|/-+=?!@$%^'\"`~,.[]{}() can be in word. So if you know file name, type only part of this name which not include no one of these symbols. For example, instead of zdoc0814.zip you can type zdoc0814 or zdoc*, instead of tput-1.0.tar.gz - tput, instead of ws-ftp.zip - ws ftp (zip is very common word and is not indexed).

    How this searcher is created

    This searcher is based on:

  • file indexing and searching program SWISH 1.1.1 and
  • gateway between SWISS and WWW browserWWWWAIS 2.5.

    These programms are modified for Latvian and other local needs by Atis Kluss, webmaster of Latvian Academic Network

    Copyright ©1996-1998 LANET