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This is the Slackware 8.1 installation ISO image.

To use this image, write it to a CD-R or CD-RW and boot the disc.

Here's what you'll find on this disc:

|-- BOOTING.TXT          Tips for troubleshooting boot problems.
|-- CHECKSUMS            CRC checksums for all files on the FTP site.
|-- CHECKSUMS.md5        MD5 checksums for all files on the FTP site.
|-- COPYING              The GNU Public License.
|-- COPYRIGHT.TXT        Slackware copyright and trademark information.
|-- CRYPTO_NOTICE.TXT    Legal information about encryption in Slackware.
|-- ChangeLog.txt        Log of system changes from Slackware 8.0 to 8.1.
|-- FAQ.TXT              Frequently asked questions and answers.
|-- FILELIST.TXT         List of files on the Slackware FTP site.
|-- PACKAGES.TXT         A detailed list of the core Slackware packages.
|-- SPEAKUP_DOCS.TXT     Documentation for the Speakup speech synth software.
|-- SPEAK_INSTALL.TXT    How to install with Speakup speech synthesis.
|-- Slackware-HOWTO      Instructions for installing Slackware from CD.
|                        If you're new to Slackware, start with this.
|-- UPGRADE.TXT          Instructions for upgrading from earlier versions.
|-- isolinux/            The ISOLINUX loader and initrd.img used to install
|   |                    Slackware from a CD-ROM.  You'll also find the
|   |                    PCMCIA and network images (these can be loaded
|   |                    from the installation CD-ROM), and a README.TXT
|   |                    describing how to create a Slackware installation
|   |                    ISO image and burn it to CD-R.
|   |
|   |-- README.TXT       How to burn a Bootable Slackware CD-ROM.
|   |-- initrd.img       Installation initrd (can also be loaded with Loadlin)
|   |-- network.dsk      Image containing network modules.
|   `-- pcmcia.dsk       Image containing PCMCIA modules.
|-- kernels/             Many precompiled Linux 2.4.18 kernel images.
|   |
|   |-- adaptec.s/       Adaptec kernel.
|   |-- bare.i/          Standard IDE kernel.
|   |-- ibmmca.s/        IBM Microchannel kernel.
|   |-- jfs.i/           IBM Journaled Filesystem supporting kernel.
|   |-- loadlin16c.txt   Loadlin README file.
|   |--   Loadlin boot loader (used to boot Linux from DOS)
|   |-- lowmem.i/        Kernel that uses very little memory.
|   |-- old_cd.i/        Old non-SCSI non-IDE CD-ROM support kernel.
|   |-- pportide.i/      Parallel port IDE kernel.
|   |-- raid.s/          SCSI/IDE RAID kernel.
|   |-- scsi.s/          Supports some SCSI cards (see bootdisks/README.TXT).
|   |-- scsi2.s/         Supports some SCSI cards (see bootdisks/README.TXT).
|   |-- speakaha.s/      adaptec.s + Speakup speech support.
|   |-- speakup.i/       bare.i + Speakup speech support.
|   |-- speakup.s/       scsi.s + Speakup speech support.
|   |-- speakup2.s/      scsi2.s + Speakup speech support.
|   |-- usb.i/           bare.i + USB keyboard/mouse support.
|   |-- usb.s/           scsi.s + USB keyboard/mouse support.
|   |-- usb2.s/          scsi2.s + USB keyboard/mouse support.
|   |-- usbaha.s/        adaptec.s + USB keyboard/mouse support.
|   |-- xfs.i/           Kernel with support for SGI XFS.
|   |-- xt.i/            Kernel with support for old MFM drives.
|   `-- zipslack.s/      Kernel with Iomega support.
`-- slackware/           This directory contains the core software packages
    |                    for Slackware 8.1.
    |-- a/               The A (base) package series.
    |-- ap/              The AP (applications) package series.
    |-- d/               The D (development) package series.
    |-- e/               The E (GNU Emacs) package series.
    |-- f/               The F (FAQ/Documentation) package series.
    |-- gnome/           The GNOME package series.
    |-- k/               The K (kernel source) package series.
    |-- kde/             The KDE package series.
    |-- l/               The L (libraries) package series.
    |-- n/               The N (networking) package series.
    |-- t/               The T (TeX) package series.
    |-- tcl/             The TCL (Tcl/Tk and related) package series.
    |-- x/               The X (XFree86) package series.
    |-- xap/             The XAP (X applications) package series.
    `-- y/               The Y (BSD games) package series.

Note that for space reasons, the KDEI (KDE i18n) series could not be
included on this ISO, and I apologize for the inconvenience.  If you need
KDE translations, you can pick them up here:

Other things that aren't on this disc that you might need to pick up
"a la carte" include the boot floppy images and rootdisks (if you can boot
this CD-ROM, you won't need these), ZipSlack, and the source code.  All
of these extras are available from our FTP site:

Or, pick up the official 4 CD-ROM Slackware disc set here:


Patrick Volkerding