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[FILE]00index.txt 04-Apr-97 16:10 2.0 kB *** Material from demo group VLA - check 00index.vla [FILE]00index.vla 12-Apr-94 20:45 6.6 kB How to Start Coding - by Lithium [FILE]3d_math.zip 07-May-95 09:54 11.6 kB 3D Shading and Rotational Math Intro to assembler by VLA [FILE]asmvla00.lzh 26-Mar-93 23:00 16.2 kB Intro to assembler by VLA [FILE]asmvla01.lzh 12-May-93 00:00 10.3 kB Explains File I/O in ASM- source for "ANSI viewer" [FILE]ctut2vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 11.1 kB C Tutorial #2 - VLA [FILE]ctut3vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 3.7 kB C Tutorial #3 / An explanation of Arrays - VLA [FILE]defcon.zip 07-May-95 09:54 90.2 kB Defcon Loader - BY VLA - Conference Information! [FILE]dir_vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 6.2 kB simple directory lister w/ ASM source by VLA [FILE]dma_vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 3.2 kB info on programming DMA ch0-7 includes source -VLA [FILE]fpoly256.zip 07-May-95 09:54 35.2 kB Some pretty fast MODE-X filling routines.. [FILE]hstars.zip 07-May-95 09:54 5.2 kB Horizontal star field source [FILE]int9.zip 07-May-95 09:54 4.7 kB int9 replacement that'll keep track of all keys press [FILE]modform.lzh 12-May-93 00:00 5.7 kB another info file on the format of the .MOD [FILE]modinfo.zip 07-May-95 09:54 32.8 kB Info on MODs & SB/SBpro [FILE]modplay.lzh 26-Mar-93 23:00 40.4 kB Source to a semi-working MOD player (DMA/DSP transfer) [FILE]mx2_vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 6.7 kB An updated and revamped MODEX.INC - VLA [FILE]mxfont.zip 07-May-95 09:54 7.8 kB Files that'll use BIOS font to print text in MODEX vla [FILE]palrot.lzh 26-Mar-93 23:00 2.4 kB Demonstration of palette rotation [FILE]rotate.lzh 13-Mar-93 23:00 7.3 kB Code for 2d rotations written by Draeden [FILE]rotate3d.lzh 13-Mar-93 23:00 34.4 kB How to do 3d Rotations by VLA [FILE]sea_code.zip 07-May-95 09:54 32.8 kB The source to VLA's old SEA SICK demo [FILE]sincos.zip 07-May-95 09:54 1.9 kB BASIC file that creates a sine/cosine chart [FILE]stars.lzh 19-Mar-93 23:00 10.1 kB How to do a starfield by VLA [FILE]term_vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 9.0 kB A quick, ugly terminal program that has ANSI support (zmodem) [FILE]testvid.zip 07-May-95 09:54 8.4 kB Simple "Test your video speed" program -VLA [FILE]textball.zip 07-May-95 09:54 4.1 kB cute little smooth ball that bounces in text mode -VLA [FILE]tri_vla.lzh 10-Jul-93 00:00 10.6 kB Triangle filling routine w/ clipping [FILE]tsr_vla.zip 07-May-95 09:54 5.7 kB ASM - TSR Code by Draeden /VLA [FILE]vertscr.zip 07-May-95 09:54 16.7 kB ASM source for a verticle credits-type scroller [FILE]viewtga.zip 07-May-95 09:54 12.3 kB ASM TGA viewer [FILE]vla_sea.lzh 19-Mar-93 23:00 14.4 kB Seasick Demo by VLA - 2nd Release [FILE]vla_font.zip 07-May-95 09:54 73.3 kB Font utilities and lotsa scrollers ASM code [FILE]vlajedi.zip 07-May-95 09:54 25.7 kB A start on the star wars scroller thingy ASm source [FILE]vlamodex.zip 07-May-95 09:54 8.2 kB info on MODE X [FILE]vlamouse.zip 07-May-95 09:54 4.4 kB ASM mouse tutorial by VLA [FILE]vlasnow.lzh 13-Mar-93 23:00 53.6 kB The newest from VLA. Christmas demo. [FILE]waves.lzh 19-Jul-93 00:00 22.0 kB Does transparent verticle waves in mode 12h [FILE]wcimit.lzh 19-Jul-93 00:00 12.2 kB how FC probably did horizontal panning in World Charts (asm)

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