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[FILE]00index.txt 30-Jun-99 17:15 1.0 kB * DirectX related material [FILE]cdx1_4.zip 05-Oct-97 14:17 293.5 kB Sprite and scrolling class library for DirectX v1.4 [FILE]cdxrm1_0.zip 05-Oct-97 14:17 267.8 kB Direct3D retained mode class library v1.0 [FILE]dspmid10.exe 05-Jan-98 11:12 3.0 MB Digital Midi player for DirectX with 32 ch 16 bit stereo mixing [FILE]easyx_10.zip 05-Oct-97 14:17 39.9 kB EASYX, A Simple directdraw interface v1.0 [FILE]gamcon.zip 26-Nov-96 16:24 33.6 kB Game Console Module rev 1.02 [FILE]mikdx030.zip 17-Apr-97 17:09 268.2 kB MOD Player for DirectSound [FILE]paysage.zip 26-Jun-99 22:51 355.7 kB Infinite Fractal Landscape Assembly Sources (MASM v6.11) [FILE]ptc072.zip 28-May-98 18:41 2.1 MB Portable truecolor graphics system for C++. Supports DOS, Win32 and Linux platforms and output using VGA, VESA, GDI, DirectX, and SVGALIB. X11, GGI, BeOS etc [FILE]r3d12.zip 29-Jan-99 23:13 2.2 MB RenderIt 3D SDK V1.2 - Setup Direct3D and render a 3D model in 4 functions. [FILE]stk98v21.zip 09-May-98 02:19 4.8 MB STGDK 98; VC/WC libs for making DirectX games (shareware) [FILE]wc_dx3.zip 11-Feb-97 12:09 62.5 kB Modify M$ DirectX 3 to use Watcom C/C++ [FILE]tiled3.zip 29-Jun-98 06:17 105.7 kB 2D tilebased game tutorial (DirectX 5) (C) [FILE]xtris.zip 09-Jun-97 23:09 635.5 kB DirectX 3.0 Tetris Clone with amazing sound/graphics (no src) (shareware) [FILE]zlog.zip 09-May-98 16:48 52.9 kB ZLog to log, debug and develope your DX game (DirectX,MFC). 30 days trial period.

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